Rapeseed Meal Manufacturers

Mishri International incorporated in 2007, since that time it have finest amino acid amount of composition, which are most of compared with protein amount of milk. As a leading rapeseed meal manufacturers in India, we provides animal food product that have material of frieze powder base which manufactured through some process in machinery and with use of some different part extraction of oil under hygienically. The Rapeseed meal is mildly mixed to humans in heavy dose. It also can be a major product for feedstock.

Working of Rapeseed Meal and its working :

Oilseed Rape and Rapa is the other well known name of Rapeseed. The rapeseed meal manufactured by expert manufacturers in India contains 40% of semi drying oil. These oil are mostly used for salad and cooking oil. Before harvesting process of rapeseeds it passes from pressing and crushing process in machinery plant after that it remove oil from it and send for further process. Rapeseed meal becomes final product from through processed with solvent extraction.

There are two normally process are like Physical pressing of the rapeseed and subsequent hexane extraction of removal oil in the press done by rapeseed meal manufacturers. There are many industries in the market which applied only one process from above mentioned process but here in Mishri International we are working with both the process to produce quality rapeseed meal.

Rapeseed meal

Rapeseed meal